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Current blueberry update: Friday 7/15/22


All good things must come to an end and that is where we're at with the blueberry picking for this season. Sad to say there are still berries on the bushes but with the anticipated forecast of  heat exceeding 100 degrees next week we see the writing on the wall. Outback Farm is grateful for the new friends we've made this year, seems like we've had lots of first time visitors. And of course there are those of you, our faithfuls, who just keep coming back. We do appreciate all of you and value that you choose to do business with Outback Farm. Adios amigos! It's a cycle so we will see you again next year.

Current blueberry update: Wednesday, 6/29/22

CHANDLER BLUEBERRIES AVAILABLE NOW......seems like it's been a forever wait but the Chandlers are finally ready for picking at Outback Farm in Pryor, OK. You know the Chandlers, the big ones, some the size of a quarter. Our weather this year really made an impact on the ripening process, but no worries, today it's a go. Come out to the farm and pick your Chandlers.  Lot's and lots of blueberries, all varieties  ready to pick at Outback Farm, bushes are loaded. And yes, we will be open on the 4th of July.

Current Blueberry Update: Saturday, 6/25/22

Most varieties here at Outback Farm are available for picking NOW. This includes Duke, Legacy, Blue  Crop, Blue Gold, Blue Jay, Toro.  The bushes are loaded and the picking is easy. Chandlers are still needing a little more time but will be ready soon.

Hot weather is bringing out the early birds to fill up on their favorites and even try some of the other available varieties. We have everything you need to pick your blueberries,  just visit the farm.  Pre-picked blueberries are currently available at $32 per gallon  and the u-picks are $25 per gallon. See you soon! (scroll to bottom of page for map view)

 Open: 7am to 6pm Monday through Saturday and 8am to 4pm Sunday

Current  Blueberry Update:  Wednesday, 6/15/22

Dukes are the blueberry to be picking now at Outback Farm, they are abundant.  Starting to see more and more Legacies lately and safe to say you can pick those as well. The Legacy variety has just begun.  CHANDLERS ARE NOT READY.

open: 7am to 6pm Monday through Saturday and 8am to 4pm Sunday


Seems like it took forever but the 2022 blueberry picking season at Outback Farm in Pryor, OK starts tomorrow, Saturday, 6/4/22  at 7:00am. Hooray! We were wondering if the rain was ever going to give the sun a chance to shine and it finally did. Good news...we are happy to announce prices for the 2022 blueberries will remain the same as they were last year, that is:

U-pick......$25 per gallon

Pre-picked......$32 per gallon

Every single year without fail the "Dukes" are the first blueberry of the season. There is never a specific time we can quote that any particular blueberry is available. But, by mid season most of the varieties are ready for picking, and the last one to ripen is the Elliott.

Spring​ is Speaking

April 2022 - I have to remind myself on the gray and rainy mornings of spring……it’s okay, Mother  Nature is taking care of the watering for a bit.

Now the wind, that’s another story. A little intimidating  sometimes but it’s like Mother Nature pruning the pecan trees for us. Picking up the windfall is a great and easy way to exercise, breathe in the fresh air and get those steps in for the day.

And then of course the sunshine…who doesn’t enjoy the warmth of the sun on their face? And as it shines on the blueberry plants you can see how it changes their appearance daily. Yes, daily. One day the canes are bare showing a hint of crimson from the winter, then you begin to see the buds, then the flowers, then the shades of green begin as the plants start to leaf out. It’s miraculous.

Here we go again...

January 2022-  Yes, another year behind us and a better one in front of us.  Each year around this time it seems to me the weather is getting a little colder or maybe I just have a short memory. In any case here at Outback Farm we anticipate another block buster year for blueberries and so appreciate the cold weather for the chill hours it generates for the plants.  We feel so fortunate to have bountiful crops and a bevy of friends to come out and enjoy the fresh air,  bright sunshine and of course delicious blueberries.  It seems more often than not new years resolutions burden us with expectations of ourselves that do not come to pass. I personally don't do new year resolutions but I sure do get excited about new concepts, ideas and things I want to try. And a repeat idea is okay too. So, in that spirit, my biggest effort this year will be to EAT REAL FOOD (not a new concept) something I get better and better at doing. Want to join me? Eat​ lots of blueberries. See you April, May for asparagus with blueberries to follow shortly thereafter.

July 2021-  The Outback Farm's final day for blueberry picking 2021 was Saturday, July 17. Seems like harvesting time came and went too fast this year. Those last couple storms we all experienced took a lot of fruit to the ground and shortened what we thought might be an extended season. But, that is the nature of growing blueberries in Oklahoma, you never know what the weather will deliver and we just forge ahead.  We have now reverted back to our typical off season hours as noted above. Even though we are not picking blueberries per se there are any number of projects going on most of the time and you may often find the gate closed. For your convenience, if you do plan to visit the farm for frozen blueberries or other products please be sure to give us a call before you head our way so we can all be on the same page. We will continue to make random posts on Facebook and Instagram so you can see what's going on from time to time until the next blueberry picking season arrives.

We sell blueberries by the gallon, come out and get some.

Blueberries Blueberries Blueberries​

June 2021- Y​es, w​e have blueberries and are in full swing for the  2021 se​asonal picki​ng and all the varieties have ripening fruit daily. You noticed we have modified our "op​en" hours but our beautiful blueberries offer you the same taste and quality they always have.  Last years nasty weather did make a mark with some of the flowers being lost to the cold snap. No flower, no berry.  But the majority of the plants already had the fruit set, so we have lots of blueberries for you to enjoy. Bring the family out, tell your friends. Review the FAQ page if you have questions. You can also view regular posts on Facebook and Instagram. Remember we are open seven days a week rain or shine.

Asparagus is h​ere!

April 202​1

Seems like we waited forever for the asparagus to come up this year. Guess that was a lesson in how important the conditions can be for growing.  After our super cold winter the asparagus needed time for the soil to warm up and the sunshine to arrive.  Think we are goo​d to go now!  We are cutting daily. Asparagus is typically ready after 10:00AM each morning. Recommend you ALWAYS  call before you drive out to farm to be sure we have what you want. The asparagus goes fast. Don't put it off until tomorrow, come and get some now. It will be gone again before we know it.

Like and follow us on Facebook for frequent posts and quick references.

​It's b-r-r-r-r outside!

February 2021

This is beyond brrrr! Historic and record breaking temperatures. No worries on chill hours this season. This is usually the time of year we do some pruning, which does not include me, the guys have it under control. I get outside now and again to pick up the forever clippings and that is so much easier than trying to decide which cane to cut and how much to take. I appreciate the skill it takes to do the job right. Did you realize that pruning is really quite an art? Done properly it nourishes your plants but done improperly it can set them back a spell. Our plants have been in the ground ten years now and we have some pretty healthy canes as the plant core and then each year the new growth adds to the berry set. An amazing process as all growth is.

In 2021 we will have our wood slabs available for you. We started this project last year but is does take time for the wood to dry so you are happy with the end product. Funny, but it seems like everywhere I look these days I see ideas for woodworking.  The obvious is shelving or table tops, but gee, there are so many clever things you can create. We invite you to have a look at the different sizes and wood species we have for you to choose from so you can make your creative ideas a reality. I am partial to the live edge look but you can do just about anything you wan​t and if you need ideas, there is the internet. When you come out for your fantabulous blueberries, whether you pick yourself or get the pre-picked, allow yourself some time to check out the wood stacks.

We look forward to seeing you when blueberry season roles around if not before. You know, maybe you need a jar of honey or want a bottle of blueberry wine, it's all good

And don't forget, the asparagus will be here first, right around April (???).

colorful & splashy

If we cannot make 2021 perfect let's at least make it colorful and splashy...that sounds fun.

Januar​y 2020 -

Since that first plant went into the ground in November 2010 it has been an uphill ride ever since. For that we thank you. 

From wanting to do something with the land to developing a respectable little blueberry farm, who knew. Then of course, we've added a few things over time like the ever popular asparagus which usually starts producing around March-April, just before the blueberries.

We will take responsibility for contributing to the creation of what we refer to most affectionately as "our blueberry snobs." These are focused individuals who know exactly what they like and that would be a particular variety of blueberry. It can be any variety, after all, everyone's favorite is different. But it is interesting how it can be the large plump Chandler for one person, the abundant Duke for another, or the juicy Legacy for yet another. Hey, that's life in blueberry land. 

Another thing about life in blueberry land are the opportunities that just seem to pop up, growing things, making things, developing things. I tell you it is endless, so pay attention to see what crops up (pun intended) in the tomorrow. We can't wait for new developments and hope you are you as excited as we are.

Our family looks forward to serving your family for many more years to come with the finest blueberries we can muster. That is of course with the aid of Mother Nature who has been kind to us. We look forward to re-kindling our friendship with each and every one of you each and every blueberry season.

Welcome to Outback Farm

ripe blueberries

January 2019 - 

Surely you have heard that saying, “variety is the spice of life” but did you know variety is also the spice of blueberries?

Really, just ask any blueberry connoisseur…. you will hear all the reasons why one person likes the big Chandlers, the sweet Dukes or the plump Legacy. And, each of them are correct because it is all about choice.​

That said, it is fine to have a favorite but do not be afraid to venture out a little and try some of the other varieties. You may be surprised with what they have to offer.

Here is a glance at the blueberry array you will find at Outback Farm: Duke, Bluegold, Bluecrop, Bluejay, Legacy, Rebel, Toro, Chandler, Elliot, Ruebel, Vernon, Titan and last but not least, Pink Lemonade, really. Check out the "Did you Know?" page to get a little information about each of the blueberry varieties we grow.

So when the blueberry picking season rolls around annually, typically mid  May through mid July, take the opportunity to introduce yourself to the delightful collection we have been watering, pruning, mulching, weeding and nurturing for you. We do not think you will be disappointed.

We have also added a F.A.Q. page for your convenience. See if you can get your question answered there and if not just contact us whatever way works  best for you. And, if you cannot bear the thought of waiting for the fresh blueberry season to roll around, FYI, we just about always have frozen blueberries for you. Give us a call.

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