The 2019 official blueberry picking season has come to it's close. Thank you all!


Yes, another great blueberry season is under our belts and we are anticipating a repeat for the 2020 season. We appreciate our faithful returning friends each season as well as the new friends we make each season. Seems like the blueberries just keep getting better and better even with the challenges Mother Nature throws at us. So even though the gates won't be open at 6am for awhile we are as available as a phone call. Please feel free call us if you need anything in particular. Thanks again for your continued support, you keep the wheels turning.

Welcome to Outback Farm

Surely you have heard that saying, “variety is the spice of life” but did you know variety is also the spice of blueberries?

Really, just ask any blueberry connoisseur…. you will hear all the reasons why one person likes the big Chandlers, the sweet Dukes or the plump Legacy. And, each of them are right because it is all about preference.​

That said, it is fine to have a favorite but do not be afraid to venture out a little and try some of the other varieties. You may be surprised with what they have to offer.

Here is a glance at the blueberry array you will find at Outback Farm: Duke, Bluegold, Bluecrop, Bluejay, Legacy, Rebel, Toro, Chandler, Elliot, Ruebel, Vernon, Titan and last but not least, Pink Lemonade, really. Check out the "Did you Know?" page to get a little information about each of the blueberry varieties we grow.

So when the blueberry picking season rolls around again for the 2019 season, typically mid to end of May through mid to end of July, take the opportunity to introduce yourself to the delightful collection we have been watering, pruning, mulching, weeding and nurturing for you. We do not think you will be disappointed.

We have also added F.A.Q. page for your convenience. See if you can get your question answered there and if not just contact us whatever way works the best for you.

And, if you cannot bear the thought of waiting for the fresh blueberry season to roll around, FYI, we just about always have frozen blueberries for you. Give us a call.