Some of the services and supplies you see outlined here have been around awhile...some are NEW!

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As your local Solexx Dealer we want to share a few things about greenhouses with you.

A greenhouse frame should:

  • remain condensation free and keep the warmth where your plants need it
  • be impervious to moisture and disease
  • withstand high temperatures without discoloration or warping
  • weather heavy snow and wind
  • reflect the light inside back to the plants
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Irrigation Parts 

We have available all types of irrigation parts and pieces  from:

1/2" to 2" line
line with or w/o emitters

drip systems

filters, controllers
valves, ball valves
hose fittings, goof plugs

We try to keep the often requested supplies in stock but if we don't have what you need we can always order it for you. We offer design assistance for irrigation systems including layout and installation. How can we help you today? We are dealers for Hawthorne Garden Center so product availability is excellent.

Sawmill Services

NEW this year we are offering sawmill services for your logs or ours. We are custom cutting wood slabs. Put your DIY and creative talents to good use. Build your own furniture, cabinets, toys, and do-dads, whatever you choose.  We can give you a hand. We are mobile, so your place or ours. Our equipment is from Woodland Mills,

 Blueberry Plants

We continue to offer the quality tissue cultured and virus indexed blueberry plants. Whether you want a few ornamental plants for your yard or a pallet for your garden area, we can help you make that happen.